14 Things You Can Do to Give Yourself a Mini Makeover and Leave You Feeling Great Without Breaking the Bank

Thinking about changing your look, but cannot afford a full makeover? Want to look good for that first date, but don’t have the time or money to get a makeover? Don’t worry, we have your solution. Here are 15 small things you can do with what you have. Small changes can also make us feel better and fresh. You don’t need a full makeover to change how you look and feel about yourself. The slightest thing can boost your confidence and get you feeling great.

  1. Get a new color lipstick. Try something you haven’t before.
  2. Swap clothes with your friends. Try something that you might not usually wear.
  3. Change your hair color or add some highlights.
  4. Don’t wear jeans for a week. Put them at the back of the closet and try your other clothes.
  5. Learn how to put on fake eyelashes.
  6. Pick your style icon and find your own versions of their signature clothing items.
  7. Throw out shoes you haven’t worn in years and give them to charity. Buy a new pair.
  8. Give your hair a break. Blow dry your hair only a few times a week. You will see the difference.
  9. Organize your jewelry on a rack or stand so you can see them all. This will make it easier to choose what you want to wear for that first date.
  10. Go to a salon and get your eyebrows waxed and shaped by a professional. It’s worth the pain.
  11. Get the right bra by getting fitted.
  12. Get a tan. You can get some sun, go for a spray tan or a few sunbed sessions.
  13. Sleep enough. Do not underestimate the power of getting enough sleep. Your body and brain need it.
  14. Get into an exercise routine. You don’t have to join a gym. There are many things you can do at home.

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