15 Simple and Small Things to do for Your Loved One to Make Them Feel Special and Appreciated

  1. Surprise your loved one with lunch at work. Bring their favorite food to make it special.
  2. Give him/ her a back massage when they don’t expect it. Help them relax after a long day.
  3. Make breakfast and serve it in bed so your loved one can sleep in.
  4. Send your loved one a chocolate and a short message just because. This will make them smile.
  5. Plan a surprise. It can be a trip or a gift or anything unexpected that will make them happy.
  6. Surprise your loved one with something they have wanted for a long time. No matter what the size, they will love it.
  7. Take a short road trip around the neighborhood. Drive around and look at houses and have a nice talk. Leave the cell phones at home.
  8. Start something new. Take up a hobby that you both want to try. It can be anything from playing guitar or learning to paint to restoring furniture or learning to skydive.
  9. Leave romantic notes in the kitchen or bathroom to brighten up your loved one’s day.
  10. Wash your loved one’s car. Leave a note or trinket to remind them of you.
  11. Make a coupon booklet. Each coupon has a nice thing you will do for them and they can use it when they want. Include things like hugs, dinner, a massage, etc.
  12. Sexy photo shoots. You can do a photo shoot together. You can also do one alone and make a sexy calendar.
  13. Decide on a day in the week that is ‘your day’. Do something special and spend time together every week on this day.
  14. Be adventurous. Do something daring together like sky-diving or white river rafting.
  15. Do volunteer work together. Volunteer at your local shelter or soup kitchen together.

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