4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Going on a Date With Someone You Met Online

1. Always Meet in Public

Make your first date or meeting in a public place. There is more safety when a lot of people are around. Never go to a man’s home or let him take you there before you get to know him well. Meeting in a public place keeps you in the open. It also helps people remember that you were there in case something goes wrong.

2. Make Sure a Friend or Family Member Knows Where You Are

Inform someone close to you about your plans. Give them information about the person you are meeting with, like a name and phone number. Tell them where you are going and when you plan to be home. Check in with your friend or family member during the date to let them know how it is going. You can even ask that someone phone you to check in. This can also be a way to get out of the date if it is not going well or you feel uncomfortable.

3. Rely on Your Own Transportation

Having your own car gives you control over when you can leave. If things do not go well, you can get yourself home as soon as you get the opportunity to leave politely. This prevents you from being kept out longer than you want to be. Once you are in someone else’s car they can take you where they want. This might not be safe.

4. Do Not Drink Too Much

Stay sober on a first date. Alcohol often leads to making bad decisions and doing stupid things. Keep yourself safe by drinking only a little or even no alcohol. Make sure that you have all your wits about you. As soon as something feels wrong, find your way out and let someone know.

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