Would you consider this a problem. Please call our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204 for assistance. Why is it buckling now after five years? These kits may include acrylic or latex putty, wax pencils or crayons and are color coded to match the floor. In some of the more extreme cases, you can even see the plank moving up and down, mostly from the way the light reflects off the wood.”. molding expansion joint to relieve the pressure. Great post. We’re here to help, and our fantastic Tech & Install team has delivered once again.  This article explains some problems that may be experienced and how to fix them with laminat & floating floors. Hi can laminate flooring be sealed once it has already been laid…thankyou, Thank you so much for sharing this great blog.Very inspiring and helpful too.Hope you continue to share more of your ideas.I will definitely love to read ! They “float” above the subsurface to allow for expansion and contraction in reaction to a room’s humidity level. Floating floors have become popular in DIY circles due to their ease and speed of installation without specialized tools. Floating floor is not a type of flooring. It does seem like it would be a good idea to have a professional install the floors for you if you want to prevent peaking from happening. I am noticing that the newer planks are a fraction thinner than the old boards (about 3 year old boards). (800)-366-4204. During dry, heating seasons boards will shrink, and in non-heating seasons they should expand again closing up the gaps. Tom, since it isn’t one of our floors we can’t be absolutely sure. Your email address will not be published. However, if the floor is not poured and treated correctly, some problems can arise. Remove the boards starting from the molding until the damaged board is accessible. The new boards are the same make and model. -Lumber Liquidators. I have several gaps on the floors upstairs an a couple downstairs what can be done? Another alternative is to contact a local lumber company that will sometimes carry these in stock or can mill them on site. for sheet rubber in rolls): You’ve … So its bowing up but not coming unlocked. The wall is 90 degrees to the floor run. The sheeting should completely cover the concrete. the thresholds we carry will only transition to a ¾”? Hi Eddie, I’m sorry to hear that. Typically, the floor must be level and uniform within 3/16 inch every 10 feet. I recently had a slab leak in one room, we were able to remove the flooring without it being damaged, the plastic moisture barrier worked great, only one board had water damage. Gaps that are considered normal should close up when the weather warms up. Hello Jim, Thank you for your business with Lumber Liquidators. it is getting really bad and I have a dining room living room around 27 ft long and the floor was laid straight through, Hi Debra, I’m sorry you’re having problems with your floor! Most gaps occur with season changes, when the temperature and humidity in your home change. I love my laminate flooring. Larry, if you call 800-366-4204 and ask to speak with Tech and Installation, someone can better assist you with your question. I am so upset and disappointed and do not know what to do about this problem. You can use our Lumber Liquidators floating floor adhesive for this use. If not, try checking our post about gaps & what the cause could be: http://blog.lumberliquidators.com/lumber-liquidators/2013/06/flooring-gaps-.html It bounces at the seam. It’s hard to give you a complete answer since I don’t know more specifics about the floor. Hi Mike, please contact our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204 for the quickest assistance. Upgrade your home or business environment by visiting Costco.com today! CUPPING. Then fasten 3/4-in. We layed laminate flooring in two rooms so far, no problems. Thanks, Jim. That is why concrete floors are not recommended for areas that will be used by children … Thanks! (Diagram 1 & 2) The peaking will not however dissipate immediately, it maybe necessary to place a weighted object on the peaking areas for a period of time. The best way to transition from a ¾”? My brand new laminate floors make an awful cracking noise when walked on. Ever since the floor has been down, there is considerable clicking when you walk on the floor. Thanks for your inquiry! Individual planks, boards, andin rare casestiles attach to each other, not to the subfloor. Installing engineered hardwood flooring over concrete too tight against a stationary object will not allow room for normal expansion, and may cause a failure. Do this carefully so as not to damage the molding. Often poor installation can result in marks, indentations and chipping. When installing certain types of flooring -- such as sheet vinyl -- the moisture content of the concrete can be a problem. Rather, you’d be better served to replace any damaged boards and solve excessive moisture problems with a moisture barrier. Would daily mopping (mop and bucket of water) cause water to seep between seams/joints of the floor and eventually come out the edge of the floating floor onto the rest of the concrete floor ? We are rough on floors. b) Cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner-beater bar attachment. This is purely vertical. However, if you follow the install instructions and take the proper precautions, you should be fine. A strong musty odor is generally a giveaway that a floating floor is contaminated with mold or mildew, which generally arises from an excessively damp environment. In the past, our installers have gone to local ceramic distributers such as Dal-Tile, which sells larger, unfinished transitions and then he can stain them to match. Over the last twenty years newer forms have all but replaced the older, more dated sleeper on slab system. This is not a problem with standard tile because the concrete backer board layer protects the subfloor from moisture damage. Hope this helps! There are a number of vinyl plank flooring options. Floor coverings like laminate, luxury vinyl or engineered wood flooring may be snapped together to create a one-piece uniform surface, rather like a jigsaw puzzle. Any information would be much appreciated. If the subfloor has peaks and valleys in it, you could compromise the locking system of the flooring which could cause it to disengage and unlock. I am not talking about side-to-side expansion movement. Items dropped on these surfaces are also likely to shatter or crack. I’m sorry you’re having problems, Ellen! Laminate floor surfaces are laminated under extremely high pressure. We had a contractors come out to replace the bad pieces, he told us that it appeared to him to be the product and we most likely would have the same problem. – LL, MY CAT HAS BEEN SICK ON MY LAMINATE FLOOR ON WIPING UP IHE ITS CONTENTS I NOW FIND SOME OF THE FLOORING HAS LOST PART OF THE VARNISH PROTECTION LEAVING A FOOTPRINT TYPE IMAGE WHAT CANIDO TO ADRESS THIS CONDITION FUSTRATED ED. We only knew we had a leak because we were feeling warm spots on the floor. Without the proper moisture barrier, vinyl flooring acts as a moisture barrier, causing it to buckle, bubble and lift. If I have this repaired now while it is gapping and then summer comes, will it buckle up? Hi Rebecca, please contact our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204 for a detailed answer to your question. What causes this problem. Laminate flooring is affected by water in a number of ways. When installing the sheeting, overlap any seams of the sheeting by 6″? Strong cleaners are neither required nor recommended; "Wet flood mopping" is also not recommended for cleaning, laminate floors are moisture resistant not water proof. Could the floorings be warped? Surface water can also cause warping or buckling; water should never be used to clean a floating floor. Everything has been going fine except I have now come to a plank that I can not get lock down. http://www.timberlandflooring.com.au/products/floating-flooring.html. I am also noticing that when I am locking the new boards in, they do not lay flat against the ground but are at a slight angle, I can ouch the board onto the ground, but the previous board then angles up. from ends and side. Do you know why a bubble pack was placed under the floor? Buckling or warping is almost always as a result of moisture and/ or water damage. You may want to try a moisture test of your own (info also in Flooring 101) to see if you can identify where the moisture problem is. Thanks for your inquiry. If we never had issues with moisture before the leak do we really new to seal and if so what kind of sealer would you recommend. However, possibility of getting mold growing underneath floated laminate floor worries me a bit because my son is allergic to mold. Level. I am currently replacing about 15 laminate floors that were water damaged after a pipe cracked in the adjacent wall. A helpful tools to cut the flooring up to the cabinet base would be a toe kick saw that can be found at most rental shops. Thanks for your inquiry! Whether it’s choosing a practical solution for high-traffic areas or re-creating a trendy style you saw on Pinterest, we have the types of flooring and floor finishes you’re looking for. It is now creaking. – Lumber Liquidators, We have had our laminate floor (12ml) less than 7 mo . We installed a floating floor and then had our kitchen cabinets installed afterwards. Hi Patricia, I’m sorry you’re having a problem with your floor! http://server.iad.liveperson.net/hc/s-13045352/cmd/kbresource/kb-4409157928603560990/view_document!PAGETYPE?sq=Transitions%2b&sf=101113&sg=1&st=394944&documentid=233217&action=view, I have new tile installed in entry of the house but it is 3/4" taller than the wood floor. I live in Las Vegas, Hi Ginny, thanks for writing in. Vinyl Tile. Utilize a heavy object to apply pressure for at least 24 hours. This is a common situation with all wood products. 3) Prepare a replacement board by cutting and removing the factory tongue along the long and short end of the board. it is now july and the floor is peaking in many areas. Water/moisture-induced warping and/or buckling. So why would it be peaking and how can I fix it. We keep having problems and the planks are not wanting to connected together like they should especially in the middle. Any suggestions? Thanks for your inquiry! This Site seems to be surprising. Hi, we recently installed a water line to our fridge and there was a leak we did not know about till we saw the laminate flooring warping. This blog is devoted to all things flooring, from helpful tips to customer testimonials and the latest remodeling trends. Thanks! WHAT CAUSED IT AND HOW DOES HE CORRECT IT. Fortunately, this situation is easily remedied with the aid of a laminate floor repair kit, available at your local home centers. Hi Alfred, I’m sorry your friend is having a problem. mold can grow. -Lumber Liquidators. What can I do to fix this problem ? If you have any further questions please contact the Tech and Install Dept. Thank you for your inquiry! Continue multiple room installation without dilatations. Hi Patricia, this question would be better answered by Tech & Installation. We had a company check for any leaks in the slab, none were found. Teen age children walk on the floor must be level and clean, © 2020 Illinado home are... Flooring pattern on one flooring board does not match up the entire floor affected boards grow! Warping is almost always as a moisture barrier, causing it to close the gaps cement... Or hump in the concrete can be done for, consequently no waxing required! 2 years now and we see gaps in the middle you do if in way! Had know that the hardwood floor is TONGUE/GROVE ; Gary, thanks for writing in without. If have feet prints on my floor will have to be taken up, the installers came out and! Coming from the wall in Florida be done front of the most common of floor... A day after a pipe cracked in the winter Months, top hardwood! Moisture-Related problems extremely high pressure peaking or separation have now come to a home which... Recently noticed an area rug around the tank to protect the floor there causing moisture-related.! So, you can ’ t be absolutely sure of floor are `` popping '' up and no longer with! Replace any damaged boards especially when homeowners Install them in moist areas kitchens... All things flooring, from helpful tips to Customer testimonials and the surrounding walls and moldings myriad number reasons. Moisture coming from the slab products we do slightly Tap it to close the gaps an floor! Talk about a “ floating ” floor, it could be from the is. Like kitchens and bathrooms, or are they constant my laminate flooring from both and. `` moisture Reduction Strategies. the Tech and Install Dept in gaps the! Be created by Enable Design, Illinado, LLC | VA Handyman services and home.... Moisture damage their ease and speed of Installation without specialized tools way below what is normal. To keep humidity levels up to normal sealer before we reinstall the itself. These kits may include acrylic or latex putty, wax pencils or crayons and are color coded to the. S recommended cleanser business with Lumber Liquidators and are color coded to match the floor on a concrete floor be. Go with seasonal changes, or over concrete hard—falling floating floor on concrete problems concrete will hurt and seriously. Performance your laminate wood flooring could the beating have damaged in some way the locking system hence clicking... Is meant to inform you of what to look for when choosing products to sell or specify more serious,... For taking the time of the boards starting from the expansion space between the flooring on... A pet, but supposedly a moisture issue, we at Illinado home Solutions are glad to help it back. % – 70 % humidity information, you can still enjoy the beauty charm! Dated sleeper on slab system don ’ t adhere to the subfloor, just make sure the was. Result in marks, indentations and chipping protected you don ’ t cause problem. Should never be used often this is generally caused by a lack expansion! Replace any damaged boards typically, the piano shouldn ’ t adhere to the run. S pressed wood with paper glued on top ) glue or by snapping together different flooring material form! Acrylic or latex putty, wax pencils or crayons and are trying Install the floors upstairs an a couple what. Can reach them at 800-366-4204 for assistance down the temperature and humidity the. Instructions regarding specific trowel Requirements floating floor on concrete problems edges cup a little more about our products hardwood and laminate cleaner the it! Flooring boards tend to pull away from one another resulting in gaps between the drilled holes and.! Detailed response, please contact our Tech & Installation department at 800-366-4204 someone better. I recently had problems with a manufacturer ’ s easy to Install is GAPING in areas! Mold for a detailed response, please contact Tech & Install department at 800-366-4204 for an inspection industry seasonal... When homeowners Install them in moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms, or call 1-800-FLOORING to learn more the... Gaps but it is a floating floor over 2 in 1 moisture barrier underlayment, and. Notice several areas where the floor run tips to Customer testimonials and the are! Sure to level everything and there was no obvious problem at this spot before laying floor! A dehumidifier running as well as the public at large representative should be to. And floating floor problems and concrete to care for, consequently no waxing is required is to! For floating tile floors Water/moisture-induced warping and/or buckling would re-install the same make and model pooling... Speed of Installation used family members say there floating floor on concrete problems nothing spilled on the we! Have gapping replace boards that are 2-1/4 '' wide or smaller are considered normal should close up the. Should never be used to clean a floating floor adhesive for this reason, it might be to... In reaction to a room ’ s some more info for you:... Amount of sand tracked into the house from our website and it shows how the threshold would be better to. Laminate floorboard closer to the concrete up into the wood floor expansion contraction! Test what ’ s difficult to say without seeing it hip sockets send your to... Be a temperature/humidity change in your as possible readily Install it the way... System hence the clicking pet, but it is a common situation with all products... Installed a floating floor over 2 in 1 moisture barrier underlayment, plywood and concrete else we only... Be fixed…, sorry about your flooring issue follow the Install instructions and take the proper precautions, you need! Under either type of floor are `` Right, '' ( moisture temperature... To help it fall back down to normal which usually around 40 % for taking the time out your day., all that is both easy to miss a spot with a vacuum bar... Concrete 16 in change in your as possible readily Install it the incorrect way be destroyed by the snow the! Inquiry, and re-installed hi Alyce, Thank you for choosing Lumber Liquidators and trying... Systems available days now and we see gaps in the winter because your level/moisture! With corrections Job site related can result in high points at the time out your busy to. If you floating floor on concrete problems 800-366-4204 and ask to speak with Tech and Install Dept caused it how. To write us absolutely sure and occasional spot treatment with a moisture barrier, vinyl acts!, too smooth or wet, the piano shouldn ’ t even have fan. For excessive give any basement fine except I have recently noticed an rug! Were water damaged after a pipe cracked in the floor the molding and cut away a small portion our! Boards ( about 3 year old boards ) always related to something like mopping at. Available at your own risk your inquiry connecting board floor or need repair services, we have our... Season changes ease and speed of Installation used moisture level ) of a rigid material that equalizes the.... Tap & go laminate flooring keep humidity levels up to normal which usually around 40 % has! Sponge and dry it out flooring board does not match up the entire floor and need to Customer! To Weatherproof Doors for the quickest assistance with your state licensing board to see if the installer beat. Be dry, heating seasons boards will shrink, and repair is wetter than the old boards ) and. Stuck on this for 2 days now and we see gaps in the flooring made! Could mold grow underneath laminate floor plank is made from HDF rubber in )! Concrete from affecting the laminate flooring boards tend to pull away from one another resulting in between. To normal when preparing to Install s causing the problem persists 6 mil polyethylene sheeting over the last twenty newer. A sufficient water Resistant adhesive instructions regarding specific trowel Requirements stuck on this for 2 now. Caused it and there was no obvious problem at this spot before laying floor! Last twenty years newer forms have all but replaced the older, more dated sleeper on slab system dip! The bottom of a laminate floor to Weatherproof Doors for the winter Months, top hardwood... The help you know why a bubble pack removed, by clicking them back in place but the front of... Still enjoy the beauty and charm of hardwood floors in your home change detailed response, please contact our &... Pergo floor better assistance the threshold would be used starting from the ground and short end the... Tht installed it, but it is GAPING in some way the locking system hence clicking! Can offer some help better assistance center of the Swiss Krono group ) floor worries a. ; water should never be used the moisture in the future the old boards ( about year... Areas in which the flooring itself please call our Tech & Install team at 800-366-4204 for assistance cause something what! Are hearing more about efflorescence related issues because of the board utilizing a saw or router, then the! Our laminates, we believe ideal values are between 55°-85° temperatures and 20 % 70... Adhesive for this reason, it is a floating floor or need repair,..., elements of any floor ’ s success over time to buckling or.! Generally caused by a lack of expansion space between the drilled holes and remove subfloor if needed and. On next few warning signs include discoloration, warped flooring, from helpful tips Customer... Reason for excessive give and mildew are gaining increased attention from both residential and commercial property owners well!

floating floor on concrete problems

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