Let us know in the comments section below! It’s important to note that African species classified as endangered evolves over time, generally as the impact of human wildlife conflict increases. But with its habit of being a rather unobtrusive and shy bird which often sits very still in an upright position, it is very easy to miss. Africa has been referred to as the continent of wildlife. Aardvarks are sometimes called “Cape anteater” or “earth pig” as it burrows underground to avoid the heat of the day. They spend their lives gathering the feces of other safari animals and rolling them into great balls that can exceed their own body weight by up to 10 times. They are found across the country and there is a high density of them in Karoo. Ground pangolins are found in southern and eastern Africa. This article explores the list of endangered animals in Africa – which species are on the list, and just how endangered they are. Follow my blog, Sense Africa Blog, for more African Safari stories and information, and keep up-to-date on the wonders of Africa by following my Twitter (@senseafrica) and Facebook. The African Elephant is one of the world’s most iconic animals, able to arouse emotional feelings in many of us. This Red List has evolved over the decades to become the gold standard for understanding the conservation status of all animal, fungi, and plant species globally, providing critical information about the range, population size, habitat, and ecology of all potentially threatened species. With the body of a dwarf pig, a thick cone shaped tail like a kangaroo, ears like a rabbits and a long sticky tongue, you could be looking at an animal that is not from this earth. It is famous for the myth that it can shoot its quills at predators in order to avoid escape. Fossil records indicate that the two diverged with the blue wildebeest experiencing little changes from the ancestral species. Wonderful pictures and thanks for bringing this to greater attention. I feel so uneducated! I guess I was just lucky. Gabon currently has the most stable population of African forest elephants. – A FUJI FIVE LAKES DAY-TRIP, 11 EXPERIENCES YOU MUST HAVE IN BANDUNG INDONESIA. Rare African Anima #1 – The Tsessebe. Everyone has their own must-sees when they go to Africa, and the Big 5 are normally at the top. However, if you stay at Okonjima Bush Camp, Namibia, take the opportunity to visit the night hide as porcupines are frequently seen along with the elusive honey badger. Happy Travels . African dung beetles are amazing creatures. Okapis can reach up to 8 feet in length and weigh between 180-310 kg. The male and females are completely different, so much so that they were initially thought to be different species. In northwest Namibia, in Damaraland, there are large wilderness areas which have a number of desert adapted black rhino. Known for their tight-knit family groups and their considerable – up to 6 tonne – weight, elephants are synonymous with Africa. They are highly social animals, living in packs led by an alpha male and female and communicating with a series of high-pitched twittering sounds. Who knows, maybe you have never heard of them. The African wild dog, often referred to as the “painted wolf” due to its splatter gun colours. Threats: Loss of … Due to their limited number—there are about 300 in total—the species was given a protected space at the former Seneca Army Depot, where they are free from predators and open to the public to view. Africa has to be one of my favourite travel destinations. This post made me ‘home-sick’ – i lived in Africa (Namibia) for 3 years and this just makes me want to pack my bags, leave the grey Midlands and go back…LOL! The mountain gorillas are among the most endangered African animals and only live in three countries... 4. (See the featured image for an example of the male nyala). Welcome to a Life Beautifully Travelled, a British travel blog for part-time adventures. Where are you heading? There are two different species, the black wildebeest, and the blue wildebeest- both found in Africa. The African Elephant has the largest brain of any animal in the world. She has travelled the world as far as she can remember. Bonobo chimp – human’s closest animal relative, Chimpanzee with baby on its back in Rubondo National Park. Similar to the Black Rhino, the White Rhino has two horns comprised of compressed keratin. A great list and I hope in my lifetime to see some of them in person. Black bellied pangolins also known as long-tailed pangolins. All in all it is a very weird looking creature. The porcupine is the largest rodent in Africa, it is so large that you wouldn’t think of associating it with the common mouse. All Right Reserved. In this post, according to the endangered species list, these are the top 10 rarest animals in the world that are vulnerable. I create fresh content on a weekly basis which ranges from stories about our life in London, to inspirational guides for weekend getaways in the UK or Europe, to full-blown two-week itineraries for big adventures abroad. A pack of wild dogs has an enormous home range, covering approx 1,500 km2 and they are also susceptible to habitat destruction. Rhino horn is still a valuable commodity, but after a century of wildlife conservation, anti-poaching efforts, and increasing the number of protected areas, and there are now around 20,000 of these stunning animals thriving in national parks and private game reserves across Southern Africa. Porcupine are nocturnal, herbivorous creatures and consequently can be quite hard to see. Pickergill’s Reedfrog. The Ethiopian Wolf as the name suggests... #3 - Black Rhino. We also saw all of the Big 5. Great shots!!! African rabbits and hares include riverine rabbit, Bunyoro rabbit, Cape hare, scrub hare, Ethiopian highland hare, African savanna hare, Abyssinian hare and several species of Pronolagus. ... where we can find wall engravings of these animals. The Seneca white deer are an extremely rare herd of deer who are leucitic, meaning they lack pigmentation in their body, but still have brown eyes. The habitat loss and hunting are the main threats to this exotic species. All the photos on here were taken by me unless otherwise stated. The African elephant is the world’s largest land animal, weighing 6 tons and ranging from 19 to 24 feet, World Wildlife Fund reports. As a member of the giraffe family, okapis have long necks, not as long as giraffes. They are also known as Cape pangolins or Temminck’s pangolin. I hope that I will be able to entertain you and provide you with some useful tips and tricks along the way. They are very cautious animals and prefer drinking from waterholes rather than open spaces. Scientific Name: Canis simensis. Consequently they have a status of vulnerable on the IUCN red list. @2015 - A Life Beautifully Travelled. The tsessebe is the one of the funniest looking of the African antelopes, and also the fastest. Thanks! They are also found in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. There is 47 separate animal species to find and extract in TPP 19 common animals 7 uncommon animals 10 rare animals 9 super rare animals 2 ultra rare animals As a result of a severe decline in their habitat and disease there are slightly a... 3. Wildebeest belong to a genus of antelopes and are in the same family as cattle, goats, and sheep. Black rhino can be found in southern Africa in certain game reserves, often specifically created to protect the demise of this species. The aardvark sits at that top of the list of Africa’s most the bizarre animals. They have two horns on their snouts the front horn is 50 cm long on average and it can grow up to 140 cm. I didn’t even know half of these animals existed! Yes, there are penguins in Africa! Its extraordinarily large skull comprises 25 percent of its total body weight. The beetles roll their balls in a straight line, despite any obstacles that may stand in their way. Several smaller mammal species are also endangered. Although it has zebra-like stripes, its closest relative is the giraffe. In 1964 the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) established their ‘Red List of Threatened Species’. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is part of the hyena family although it feeds exclusively on harvest termites, some nights consuming up to 3,000 termites. Alternatively Mkhaya Game Reserve in Swaziland also has a number of black rhino for day visitors to try and see as well as overnight guests. They are also known as tree pangolins or three-cusped pangolin. Status: Critically Endangered. IUCN Red List status: Critically endangered. Rare Animals … African Civet. Endangered: A species considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild. The hippo is a large and round ungulate that prefers spending most of its time in the water. Here you are practically guaranteed to seeing them as they wander around their enclosure near Reilly’s Rock (and you can certainly hear them by their distinctive loud guttural trill). Vulnerable: A species considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild. The population continues to decrease, making these animals rare. Nyala are beautiful antelope that are rather shy and elusive as they spend a lot of time in dense riverine vegetation and thickets in dry savanna woodlands. Along with plenty of other flightless birds, African wild dogs are seeing habitat loss at an alarming rate. They are listed as vulnerable, and according to African Wildlife Foundation, each year 8 percent of the population is poached for their ivory tusks, and now only approximately 415,000 elephants remain.. 10. Ethiopian Wolf There are a couple of places which are renowned for their aardvark and these include Tswalu Kalahari Reserve and Samara Game Reserve. I haven’t seen any of those and I want to see them all!! She is a qualified ecologist, and enjoys writing about the many once-in-a-lifetime experiences of Africa. Warm regards. A hippo with its impressive mouth open in Kruger National Park. They live in matriarchal family units led by an older cow and made up of adult cows with their daughters and sub-adult sons. Animal Facts Click on an animal below to learn more about it! Thank you very much for the Article. The story goes ... Rare African Anima #2 – The Narina Trojan. That’s the complete list of Africa’s endangered animals (looking at mammals and birds only). Critically Endangered African Animals Black Rhino (Diceros bicornis) Cross River Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli) Eastern Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri) Western Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) You have to be quick if you want to take a photograph! Most endangered animals in Africa #1 - Northern White Rhino. We would recommend Lebala Camp and Lagoon Camp to up your chances of seeing the African Wild Dog. Get of the Beaten Track in Shibamata –... We got engaged on Lake Kawaguchiko! The range of its habitat stretches from West Africa to Uganda. The Blue Crane is sooo beautiful!! Each year the Red List places species into one of nine categories: Not Evaluated, Data Deficient, Least Concern, Near Threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered, Critically Endangered, Extinct in the Wild, and Extinct. Consider yourself lucky if you see an aardvark. Thank you for sharing & educating – I have pinned so I don’t forget! A lot of game parks do not allow night drives so the likelihood of seeing a porcupine is dramatically reduced. 10 Most Endangered Animals in Africa 1. There are 299 mammal species in South Africa , of which two are critically endangered, eleven are endangered, fifteen are vulnerable, and thirteen are near threatened. You would be surprised to hear that this common species of African bird is so elusive. By now, one of the rarest animals to see in Africa, your chances of … The pangolin is a scaly covered creature with a rather long disproportionate tail, small head and very beady eyes. A real treat. Addax 2. Pangolins feed on ants and termites with their long sticky tongues, and the mother carries her young infant on her back. by H-Harrington The African wild dog, which weighs from 37 to 80 pounds and has a mottled, brown and black coat, hunts for hoofed animals … Have heard of some, but not seen any, and if I see one of these next time I’m in Africa I would be a very happy man. These little shrews are only about 3 inches long, and have white teeth … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Riverine Rabbits - South Africa's most Endangered Animal The Riverine Rabbit (Bunolagus monticularis) is one of the world's rarest and most endangered mammals and is South Africa's most endangered wildlife species. She is the founder, editor, photographer and the main travel writer at A Life Beautifully Travelled. Scientific Name: Addax nasomaculatus. I’m going to Africa long-term for 2017 and I’m looking forwards to meeting some of these animals . Black rhino are one of the Big 5 and often on people’s list to see when they visit Africa. In fact, the closes living relatives to the hippo are whales, dolphins, and pigs. Great photos too Thanks for sharing! The African Civet is in the class of Mammalia and is the largest in its family of Viverridae. Pangolins are now one of the most endangered animals in Africa. Desert Rhino Camp gives guests an exclusive experience in tracking these animals and it is certainly one not to be missed. Only with its sudden movement with a flash of red and vibrant green will give away its position. The African buffalo has been reported to gore and kill over 200 people each year in the continent. The large and imposing African bush elephant is found in most sub-Saharan African countries. Mountain Gorilla Top 10 Rare African Animals & Where to Find Them, Rare African Anima #2 – The Narina Trojan, Rare African Anima #9 – The African Wilddog, Malawi, so make sure to include them in your itinerary, REST, the Rare and Endangered Species Trust. It is an extraordinary spectacle. I hope you do get to see some of them next time. Here they seem to have thrown the rulebook out about being shy and elusive and wander around in open spaces as well as past your front door of your accommodation. Status: Critically Endangered since 1996 Current Population: Only 5 left. The Nyalas look beautiful. Practically guaranteed sightings! Vicki I hope you have a great time in Africa and that you get to see a lot of Wildlife. Status: Endangered. However, there is also a really good breeding programme for them in Mlilwane, Swaziland. There are now in excess of 2,000 in a variety of South African National Parks and private game farms. A number of these species are now at risk of extinction, primarily due to human activities such as poaching and habitat loss. The Cape buffalo or the African buffalo is one of the “Big Five” game species of Africa. What interesting animals–some I hadn’t heard of. A British photographer got the surprise of a lifetime when he managed to snap rare photos of a black leopard in Africa -- the only high-quality photos taken in over a hundred years. These birds are pretty rare because they have a blind spot in their vision and tend to collide with power lines and are often found entangled by their long dangling legs. Again, as in many of these species, pangolin are nocturnal so you will need to be somewhere where there is the opportunity to go on a night drive in the African bush. It has been very helpful. Alternatively you could try visiting REST, the Rare and Endangered Species Trust based in Namibia. Discover the best places to see endangered African animals and find out more about these rare wildlife species. All the other animals laughed and teased the tsessebe which may God feel sorry for him. I’m going to Africa for 6 weeks later this year – so hopefully i’ll get to see all the these animals during my time there. It is found in south east Africa in coastal, montane and riverine forests and sightings are possible in Swaziland in Mantenga along the river bank and in Mkhaya near Stone Camp.
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