Read our detailed comparison of the Rokinon 14mm f2.8 IF ED MC vs Sigma 15mm F2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fisheye to find out their strengths and weaknesses, and decide which one to choose. 10mm T3.1 12mm T3.1 14mm T3.1 16mm T2.2 16mm T2.6 20mm T1.9 24mm T1.5 35mm T1.5 50mm T1.5 85mm T1.5 100mm T3.1 135mm T2.2 ROKINON 6 Lens Carry-on Case . (However, image quality suffers at f/1.8, and shooting wide open should be reserved for situations where shutter speed or image noise is a high priority.) Minimal vignetting. 89 posts Gallery: 2 photos Likes: 27 Joined Jul 2016 Location: LA. I know others are available but suffice to say 6 months of trawling have led here. Rokinon 14mm F2.8 Super Wide Angle Lens for Sony E-Mount - Model FE14M-E. Rokinon 14mm vs sigma 14mm 1.8 art astrophotographers : While the Sigma 14 f/1.8 sounds good, it still has a tiny 7.8mm aperture, it's light gathering abilities are quite poor. Focus set to 3 meters and an aperture between f/5.6 and f/8 everything in focus. vs. Canon EF-S 60mm F/2.8 Macro USM. Note that the Sigma showed a slightly smaller angle of view than the Nikon or Rokinon, even though they are all 14mm lenses. At present, this is my most interesting lens. This is the Rokinon (Samyang) cine lens version which is a bit different than the ‘standard’ model. More info . I can crop a clean, sharp (edge to edge) 16mm out of the 14mm and the result will put the Canon L to shame. Change. For wide angle I'm trying to decide between the Rokinon lenses and the Sigma 8-16mm lens. The XF 14mm f/2.8 R has few competitors, aside from slightly wider the Zeiss Touit X 12mm f/2.8, which carries a similar price tag and the much cheaper manual focus Samyang/Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 lens (selling for around AU$399), which requires manual focusing. Change Sigma 20mm F1.8 EX DG RF. If so, it's a good deal. Both are f2.8 and the Tokina is touted as the sharpest of the ultra wides. New Rokinon AF 85mm F1.4 High Speed Auto Focus Lens for Canon EOS R - RF Mount. Rokinon 14mm and Tokina 11-16mm are both stunning lenses. Focal Length - Tele: 24mm vs 20mm: 4mm … by David Smith. I was unaware of the 14mm f/2.4 until reading your review. A 35 f/1.4 is much better again. vs. Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art. Kind of depends on you. With its full-frame 35mm coverage, 14mm focal length for an ultra-wide angle of view, F2 barrier-breaking F1.8, the SIGMA 14mm F1.8 DG HSM | Art is the true high-speed ultra-wide-angle lens for which so many photographers have been waiting. I’ve added it to my B&H wish list. The Sigma isn’t the first 16mm lens for Sony APS-C however. Member. It has a fast f/2.0 aperture rating and gives a popular 24mm ‘effective’ focal length with APS-C format cameras (25.6mm for Canon). The two factors that … Now with the 5D Mk III, the lens has a permanent place in my bag is often used and always convinces. Will you be happy with 14mm instead of the 10-20mm range? vs. Canon EF 14mm F/2.8L II USM. AU $1,098.37. Two, it’s a pretty drastic field of view reduction, infact the 14mm captures roughly 302.25% more of the scene than the 24mm lens. I also have a TS-E 24mm II that I chose over the Zeiss 21mm after much research. I was considering the Sigma 16mm as it worked out to be 24mm effective focal length but with a deeper DOF at F1.4 plus it's size and price are far more attractive than the Art lens (if that's what you're suggesting as alternatives). vs. Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art. AU $118.97 postage. Compare Samyang AF 18mm f 2.8 FE Lens for Sony E vs Samyang AF 14mm f 2.8 FE Lens for Sony E vs Sigma 16mm f 1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens for Sony E That shouldn't really have an effect on performance, but it does mean you'll have to look elsewhere for full-frame. I put two new fast 14mm lenses to the test: the Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art vs. the Rokinon 14mm f/2.4 SP. The problem was that they were all either too large or too expensive. Smaller range than the 10-20mm but more than the 14mm. The Rokinon 16mm doesn’t provide a very consistent performance as the focus distance changes. Show newer Lenses Rokinon 12mm F2.0 Ultra Wide Angle Lens for Sony E-Mount - RK12M-E-SIL . If that’s the case, then I was lucky, my friend not so much. vs. … Rokinon 8mm vs. 10mm vs. Sigma 8-16mm vs. Pentax 10-17mm Ultra-wide Showdown Introduction. While the other lens from Samyang in this focal length range is the 14mm T3.1 designed for full-frame 35mm (like the 5D Mark III), the new 16mm is only made for smaller sensors. Take it from somebody who is using a crop sensor body and owns both the 11-16 and the rokinon 14mm, get the tokina. My search for a lens that was wider than 16mm and faster than f/4 led me to a few lenses that I would’ve loved to add to my kit. The big thing for me is that this focal length should fit into production more than the 14mm does. AU $480.96. Rokinon/Samyang 14mm vs 16mm - posted in DSLR, Mirrorless & General-Purpose Digital Camera DSO Imaging: Hi folks can I pick your brains. Last but not least I also wanted to point out that late last year Rokinon announced a 10mm f/2.8 crop-sensor lens, a lens which (for crop-sensor shooters only) would essentially match their 14mm f/2.8 full-frame lens. But I digress. 16mm T2.6 FULL FRAME SUPER WIDE ANGLE . The Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 is $339, the iOptron SkyTracker Pro is $299, and the combination comes out to just $638, which is less than half the price of the Sigma 14mm f/1.8, which costs $1,599. If not then maybe you should keep the lens you have or consider the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8. This is a comparison of all three Rokinon 14mm lenses (also branded as Samyang) ... Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art: The Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art is an amazing lens, quite possibly the sharpest 14mm lens around by the time it gets to f/2.5-2.8 where other lenses start. The APSC E-mount needs more options like this. Then I found the Samyang (also branded as Rokinon) 14mm f/2.8 lens. There are dozens of newer lenses on the market. * In fact, one of the oldest primes for the system is the E 16mm f/2.8, an inexpensive pancake lens haunted by something of a mixed reputation. AU $176.58 postage. The focus ring is rubber, like the older version, but doesn’t have the grippy ridges of the old version. So, let’s commence the comparison of the Irix 15mm and the Rokinon (Samyang) 14mm. Use the site's product image comparison tool to visually compare the Rokinon AF 14mm f/2.8 Lens to other lenses. x. vs. Canon EF 14mm F/2.8L II USM . The 16mm F2.0 ED AS UMC CS ($499) is just one in Rokinon's line of affordably priced manual focus lenses for SLRs and mirorless cameras.It covers a … With the rokinon I can't do exposures longer than 15 seconds without getting trailing in the stars. Focus is achieved without any lengthening or rotation of the front lens element. Rokinon 10mm 14mm 16mm astrophotography in Canon EF and EF-S Lenses ... 16-35L F4 IS, 24-70L II, 70-200L F4 IS II, 100-400L II, sigma 15 FE, sigma 14 f1.8 art, tc 1.4 III, 430exII, gitzo 3542L + markins Q20, gitzo GT 1545T + markins Q3T, gitzo GM4562. or Best Offer. The quality of results will be much better. It has the same comportment in photo taking as it … Lens to replace . This issue most noticeably manifests itself in panoramas, discussed further on in the review. More precisely, the two lenses that I am going to compare are the Irix 15mm f/2.4 Blackstone and the Rokinon (Samyang) 14mm T3.1 VDSLR IF ED AS UMC. This is a great lens for ultra-wide angle shots of the Milky Way, starscapes and time-lapse animations. Rokinon vs Sigma 8-16mm / RE: sharpness. AU $120.04 postage. on Oct 18, 2013 at 12:42:28 pm: I just bought the BMCC EF and I'm now trying to decided on lenses. Full Frame Full Frame. The difference between 17mm and 14mm (T2i) was smaller than hoped. I also own the Rokinon 14mm, which is awesome if I have time to focus, try, tune, and retry to set up the shot. or Best Offer. We have a non-AF 12mm from Rokinon/Samyang, but then the only other wide prime in affordable price range is the Sigma 16mm… Much to the delight of nightscape and astrophotographers everywhere we have a great selection of new and fast wide-angle lenses to pick from. AU $400.54. From an aesthetics standpoint, which I honestly care almost nothing about, the 14SP is a nice-looking lens and was clearly designed with Zeiss’s external look in mind. vs. Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN (Sony E-mount) vs. Canon EF 14mm F/2.8L II USM. Reasons to choose Rokinon 24mm f1.4 Aspherical over Sigma 20mm F1.8 EX DG Aspherical RF. This is why the announcement of the Sigma 16mm f/1.4, with its 24mm equivalent field of view and fast maximum aperture, was such breath of fresh air for E-mount users. Can properly cover full frame sensors … vs. Samyang Premium MF 14mm F2.4. New Rokinon 24mm F1.4 Aspherical … vs. Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art. I've seen a lot of reviews on the Rokinon and they seem like a good lens (for the price) but very soft when wide open. In this section we scrutinize every aspect of the physical construction of these four lenses so you can appreciate exactly what each mix of metal, plastic, and glass entails - before ever putting your sandwich clamps on any of them. Rokinon 24mm f1.4 Aspherical vs Sigma 20mm F1.8 EX DG Aspherical RF. I know with the rule of 500 I should be able to do ~20 second exposures but even at 15 seconds I wasn't really happy. Have you ever wanted to get more of the scene in front of you in the frame than your current lens allows, especially if you don't have room to take a few steps back? Rokinon 8mm vs. 10mm vs. Sigma 8-16mm vs. Pentax 10-17mm Ultra-wide Showdown Construction and Handling. Internal Focus Internal Focus. I have a choice between the two lenses. Field of View: 14mm vs 24mm. Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art. I purchased and used the Rokinon 24mm F2.8 but it had vignette in the video which was unfixable in such low light. Introduced in 2017 are two fast ultra-wide 14mm lenses, from Sigma and from Rokinon/Samyang. Rokinon 16mm f/2 Lens Review for Astrophotography - posted in DSLR, Mirrorless & General-Purpose Digital Camera DSO Imaging: Here’s my in-depth review of the Rokinon 16mm f/2.0 ED AS UMC CS Lens for astrophotography. So all you see with regard to its function suit my camera. ericz34 THREAD ­ STARTER. Throw in the field curvature and one can quickly find themselves finagling settings often in an attempt to get sharp images. Rokinon FE14M-C 14mm F2.8 was released in 2014. Wideangle Prime | Sony Alpha. The Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 and the Rokinon 14mm f/2.4SP. I didn’t want or need another wide-angle zoom lens. vs. Canon EF 35mm F/2 IS USM. LIKES 0 LOG IN TO REPLY. From your results, it looks like the Rokinon SP 14mm f/2.4 may outperform the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC (assuming Rokinon vs Samyang branding is irrelevant). Wideangle Prime | Sony Alpha. BUY from B&H PHOTO. Rokinon 24mm f1.4. BUY from B&H PHOTO. It's in the top 3 bestselling lenses and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Sony E 55-210mm or Canon EF-S 6097B002. Although some zoom lenses are available that can cover 14mm, the large diameter delivering F1.8 brightness is a singular advantage. The Rokinon 16mm f/2, ... (Rokinon 14mm f/2.8, far left) That reminds me, I need to finish my article on how to de-frost camera gear safely! The next step up in focal length from the Samyang 10mm lens listed above, this 16mm optic is available in a similarly diverse range of mount options, for both DLSRs and mirrorless cameras. Pros: Excellent image quality, the best of this group at f/2.8. The 16mm is asp-c sensor only and thats me I have a canon 750D. Rokinon FE14M-C 14mm F2.8 is a very popular option on the lower end of the price range. It also benefits from extremely low vignetting by f/2.8, thanks to being stopped down, and has very low distortion. Below, from left to right, are the Nikon 14mm f/2.8D AF Lens, Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM Lens and Rokinon AF 14mm f/2.8 Lens appearing about the same size and followed by the noticeably-larger Sigma 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art Lens. Compare that to say a 24 f/1.4 which has a 17.7mm aperture which gathers almost 5x as much light for the same exposure.
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